Why to root your Android device

Given that you know what is rooting an android device, it’s important to understand why rooting is done – i.e. What all things can be done with a rooted device.

So, here are top reasons on why to root your android device. If you are not sure what rooting is, I would like you to read my post, Know about rooting your Android phone.

Remove Pre-Installed Apps


Didn’t you try to uninstall those useless inbuilt apps only to know that they can’t be removed? But you can do that! Only condition is that your device must be rooted. It is one of the most obvious purposes of rooting. Now no crapware and no memory eat-up!

Increase the Internal Memory

Yeah! This can be done. Not directly by increasing internal memory but partitioning your memory card i.e. You are allocating a part of your memory card for installation of apps.

Incompatible made Compatible

Though being an open platform operating system, some Android apps are still incompatible for your device. But, by rooting you can unlock many hidden features to make that app run on your phone.

Boost Speed and Battery life


This is an important feature we would love. Speeding up your device can be done by a process called Overclocking. It maximizes the CPU speed and thus even HD games can be made to run on your phone that normally would have not worked.

Backup Entire Phone

You can back up your entire system and files and i.e. the state of phone. So, if you mess up with your system or files, it can restored at any time. Using Titanium Backup app is so far a good way to do this.

Install custom ROM and Custom Kernel

This is one more good thing about rooting or the best thing – I can say. ROM is nothing but, the software on which your phone runs. All the new phones contain the pre-installed ROM in it. Though it is good, some hardware limitations make it impossible to update to new OS. So, flashing a custom ROM is best option.

For more info on custom ROM and kernels, I prefer you to visit XDA Developers which is the top technical forum in world.

Block Ads in any App


Don’t you get irritated by those Ads which are displayed every minute? Don’t say no! We hat it atleast because they use up the data. Rooting is the best way to do that.

So, these are the major things you can do with your device once it is rooted. Rooting can make your phone into a different one altogether.


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