Know about Rooting your Android phone

You may have heard your friends saying ‘I wanna root this device’ or something like that. But, do you know what exactly rooting is? If not read ahead.

What is Rooting?

Rooting an Android device is nothing but process of giving yourself special permissions to operate your phone. It can also be termed as jail breaking or unlocking. For example, just assume you are opening a Windows PC in administrator mode. Then you will be having a control over the entire system. Rooting is, in the same way – promoting yourself to the admin position. When you root, you will have a privileged control over the system called root access.

Why to root?

Lot of people go for rooting not because they haven’t got any other thing to do – but they want to. It’s obvious that they have an advantage in doing so. Some of the common purpose are uninstalling preinstalled craps, making apps compatible, increasing internal storage, enhanced speed and battery life, removal of ads etc. Do you want a detailed explanation? Then read Why to root your android device.

How would you root?

Surely this would be a difficult question. Because, as every phone is unique in its feature, the rooting methods are also unique. To add on it, the procedure changes when the software is updated. But no need to worry as web is updated much more frequently than the software. You will get loads of stuffs and guides on how to root your particular model. But it’s always to better to refer trusted ones. So, I recommend you to have a look at XDA Forum which would be a great place.

Does rooting cause problems?

Up to some extent! It depends on what you do and how you do. Provided that you follow the rooting instructions correctly and carefully, your phone is safe. But, still there are some disadvantages of rooting which I will mention in another post.


  • Rooting isn’t permanent. You always have an option to unroot your phone back. You’ll find the instructions to unroot your phone too.
  • Legalness of rooting is a big confusion. As of now, technically, rooting is not illegal for smartphones. Though it is not clear about tablets, one can’t be stopped from doing it for his personal use.

Now, you are ready to make your phone too good. Just root and then rock! But, be sure not to brick your phone up.


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