Create your own Android app with these 5 Websites

While sitting at home, just googled ‘create your own Android app‘ and there were the number of results. Advancement of technology has made creating the Android app to easy.

Many sites provide online tools to create an app in just 5 minutes – as they say. Well it’s not 5 minutes, but you can build a good-looking app in a reasonable time. An advantage is that you don’t need any coding skills to do this thing.

So, excited about creating your own app? Here are 5 sites which are worth a try.



Appsbar is the one where you can create not only Android, but other operating system too. It’s very easy to use and to add on it, you need not pay any developer costs. There will be many types of apps to create from you have to choose. After choosing, it lets you customize using various options available and submit the app.



It is just another site which allows you to build android app for free and monetize it by placing ads. In Andromo, you can choose a type from large options and set according to your requirement. You can create professional looking app and publish on play store.

Free Android App Maker


Free Android App Maker is one more best utility to create app online. It can be created with ease and without any cost as its name tells you. But, they insert ads in your created app so that they meet their cost requirements. After it is created, you can publish it on play store too.

App Yet


If you have some knowledge in coding, and want a professional looking android app, App Yet is the best choice. It mainly focuses on website apps. You can edit the app with their tool which allows you to add, delete or edit modules and also to insert queries. After building, you can monetize it to earn some cash.

Apps Geyser


Apps Geyser lets you create variety of apps and distribute your app in just 2 steps. For example, you can create an arcade shooting game or an trivia of your own. Also, the blogs or website can be converted into mobile apps. It does allow you to earn money from your app.

So why are you waiting? Just try out these options abd create some amazing apps on your own.


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