Wow! Nokia launches 3 Android Phones

Finally there it is, Nokia with Android! After a series of Lumia run by Windows Phone OS, it has announced 3 Android devices namely Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL.

These smartphones are based on Android Open Source Project and powered by Microsoft and Nokia services.


Nokia X and Nokia X+ are dual-SIM phones that support Micro-SIM instead of regular one. Both features a display of 4-inches with a pixel resolution of 480X800. These are powered by 1GHz dual-core processor and a battery of a 1500mAh. While both have a Internal storage of 4GB and expandable up to 32GB, the only significant thing in which they differ is RAM. Nokia X+ has a RAM of 768MB which is more than Nokia X’s 512MB. Also both have a 3MP rear camera but no front camera. This may disappoint the eager fans.

Nokia XL is another cool upgraded version of the other two. A larger display of 5 inches and 480X800 pixels makes it look better. 5MP rear and 720p front are the features that deal with camera aspects. RAM is of 768MB and Battery power is 2000mAh while other features is same as the first two.


3G is another feature that is processed by all the three devices. It runs on Android Jelly Bean (v4.1). Nokia has designed the layout very differenttly from that of other android phones using tiles. The appearance is more like Windows than Android. It is interesting see how the trio’s workout in market.


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