5 Android apps that help you bunk

Have you ever been bunked classes? Well, I know this would be such a  stupid question. The problem with everyone is that, they bunk endlessly until they forget how many they bunked.

That’s why you need an app to keep track of all the bunks you make. So, here is a list of 5 android apps that helps you to bunk without any worry.

Bunk Manager


Bunk Manager is a simple, easy to use bunking app. It lets you set a minimum percentage of attendance and total lectures. Then it would show the number of safe bunks available. You can add up to 21 subjects each represented by unique colour of your choice. The overall attendance is shown in a glance with graphical representation. A home screen widget of this app is also available. You can edit the information whenever you want. This app is available on play store and you can download it for free.



This one more app that let’s you record your bunks so that you have track of your attendance. In addition, it displays warnings, tips and alerts to bunk smartly. Advantage of this app is that it lets you to set up daily notifications as reminders. It is also an open source app which means you can modify the source code as you want. It is a free app and you can download this in Play Store.

Attendance Tracker


This is an app which is not designed for bunking students, but it will serve the purpose. It keeps track of your attendance and shows a percentage of attendance in particular subject. You can add or delete subject as your wish. It also consists of widget which you can place in home page as an reminder. It also supports multi language format i.e. Spanish and German in addition to English. Click this link to download it for free.

Bunk Tracker


This app is similar to the Bunk Manager app given above. It includes the functions of adding, removing subjects and counting the number of bunks that are made. You can add 6 to 7 subjects in a semister. It is a free app in play store and it can be downloaded here.



This app is designed exclusively for Computer Science students for their 4th semester. Its strong point is, it includes syllabus of papers and the ability to check your percentage. You can press ‘Bunk Now’ button for bunking and ‘Undo Bunk’ to cancel a bunk. If you want to download this app from play store, click this link

Now being aided by these android apps, your bunk has been made easy. But beware these apps inspire you to bunk more often! But when you bunk, at least don’t forget to press ‘Bunk Now’ button.


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